Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Who is your favorite dwarf from the film, "The Hobbit"? Poll Results

The winner is Thorin Oakenshield with 6 votes (42%).

Next, we have a four-way tie:

Fili (the blond one) - 3 votes (21%)
Kili (the dark one) - 3 votes
Balin - 3 votes
Dwalin- 3 votes

Then we have a three-way tie for third place:

Gloin - 1 vote (7%)
Bofur - 1 vote
Bombour 1 vote

No one voted for:

Oin, Bifur, Dori, Nori, Ori.

There were 14 votes total.
Thorin Oakenshield   

I still think the beard is too short for a dwarf.  Oh, well, I still enjoyed the movie. For more on that: The Hobbit

The photo is from the downloads section of the official "The Hobbit" website: downloads

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