Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Counts, Captains, and Comparisons

Athos, also known as le comte de La Fère (Count of Fère), and Captain Haddock of the Tintin cartoons have some circumstantial similarities.
However, I do not think that Hergé was copying Dumas in any way.  The similarities are mostly circumstantial and there is nothing to indicate that Hergé modeled Haddock after Athos.

Ok, here we go:

1. Both men are deplorable alcoholics who can consume large quantities of alcohol.
2. Captain Haddock is a sailor while Athos was destined for a mariner's life by his father until plans changed for one reason or another.
3. Both come from noble families.  Captain Haddock is the descendant of one Sir Francis Haddock. Athos is the Count of Fère.
4. Both went through hard times.  Athos fled from his lands and title after he tried to kill Milady. He became a musketeer and during this period of his life he drank excessively.  When Tintin first meets Haddock, he is the captain of a ship in name only. The first-mate calls the shots. He is also extremely drunk on the occasion (and frequently is throughout all the books).
5. Both men move onto estates.  Athos moves into Bragelonne Castle and takes up again the noble name of, le comte de La Fère (Count of Fère).  Haddock moves into his ancestral abode, Marlinspike Hall. 
6. Both have close young friends with whom they go on dangerous adventures. Athos has D'Artagnan who is like a son too him. Captain Haddock has Tintin. Although they don't have a father/son relationship, they are good friends and feel responsible for each other.
7. The Tintin comics and Dumas' musketeer novels are tales of adventure, intrigue, danger, and travel. 
8.The stories in which these men figure were originally written in French.  Dumas was from France; Hergé, from Belgium.

I hope this was interesting! 
A photo I took on the Atlantic off the coast of Bretagne