Monday, December 12, 2011

The Three Musketeers
Soon to come will be a series of posts on The Three Musketeers and Twenty Years Later (The sequel) focusing on the personalities of the characters (though there may be a few smaller posts about other observations). As I was reading Les Trois Mousquetaires I found myself analyzing the main characters. I've long loved learning about personalities and studied the humoral personality types (Melancholy, Sanguine, Choleric, and Phlegmatic), so as Dumas recounted in detail the appearance, thoughts, actions, and idiosyncrasies of the famous four, I naturally began to classify them. (Can you tell I'm a Melancholy?)
These books are truly well written. The characters are very three-dimensional and act in ways that are consistent enough to be analyzed.  They are very much like real people yet they are also like the larger than life characters of legends...or like the people highlighted in books about personality as examples since they can be very "over the top" and eccentric.  It is these extremes that lend them so well to analysis.
I hope you enjoy the series to follow.

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